a wearable lifestreaming camera.

Just two clicks to get closer to your fans! Choose the platform and livestream your life. After you get your camera, you will never be the same again.


Instagram likes matter to you. Facebook likes matter to you. Snapchat screens matter to you. Let’s face it - you are an attention freak. It’s not a bad thing, studies show that people with more social connections live a happier life. But we have one issue, it’s not super easy to share your moments. Choose an angle. Choose a filter. Write a copy. Post - all this is very time consuming, when you want to to focus on one thing that really matters - sharing your life. And when your battery dies you don’t have anything to share. With Streamo you don’t have to worry about all this, just press record and all your moments go live. Streamo is a wearable life-streaming camera.